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Medical Biotechnology 2020
- Medical Biotechnology 2020


With the great success of Biotechnology 2019 we are proud to introduce our next conference on International Conference on Medical biotechnology planned to be held on Aug 31, 2020 in Spain and aims to gather the research scholars from different countries to Spain and to provide a platform for the researchers to showcase their research.
With the broad focus on the Biotechnology we have narrowed our focus to the Medical Biotechnology to address the clinical research and to deliver a medium for the knowledge transfer between the researchers and to provide a networking platform for the research community. We believe that sharing knowledge and researcher ideas between the research community can have a huge impact in meeting the raising medical demands of the world.
We would like to invite Stem Cell Biotechnologists, Genetic Engineers, Geneticists, Pharmacologists, Cell and Molecular Biologists, Nanotechnologists, Market Analysts, Biotechnologists to present their work at our meeting. Medical Biotechnology conference is an incredible opportunity to find a collaboration and network for your research. In addition, you can find the partners for your work as this is an industrialist and academic meeting place that can bridge the gap between job seekers and job providers.
We are having a session on the Stem Cell Biotechnology, Pharmacogenomics, Biomedical Innovations, Monoclonal Antibodies, Viral Vector Manufacturing for Gene Therapies and so on. In which the living cells and its cell materials are used to study and manufacture the pharmaceutical products. It also helps to prevent and cure the human diseases. Few products of the Medical Biotechnology include the Insulin production, Human Growth Hormone, Human blood clotting factor, Gene Pill, Monoclonal Antibodies, It also includes the gene therapy which replace the defective gene in the place of mutated gene that can cure the diseases.
With the importance of Medical Biotechnology in mind, we are happy to announce that we are going to organize an “International Conference on Medical biotechnology” in Spain, Barcelona on August 31, 2020. The congress is a best open door for the industrialist and University representatives to communicate with the world class scientist gather from all over the world. This congress aims to provide a platform for the research scholars, Professor, Business giants, technocrats to unrevealed themselves with the practical development and discover themselves with the advancement in Biotechnology
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